Transfer Credit

Once a course is complete, an official transcript must be sent from the institution to the University of Illinois Office of Undergraduate Admissions for articulation.  Information on submitting transfer credit and transcripts is available on the Office of the Registrar's Website.

Many courses at other colleges and universities have already been evaluated for transfer credit at UIUC.  Current articulations may be viewed in Transferology, an online transfer course equivalency database used by participating colleges and universities in the United States.

Transfer coursework which has not been reviewed for credit will show in the degree audit as TENG 1--, TLAS 1--, TFAA 1--, etc. To have this coursework reviewed students should submit the following information to

  • Full legal name
  • UIN
  • College of Enrollment
  • Course Syllabus from the semester of enrollment which includes
    • Course description
    • Detailed topical outline
    • The text and additional readings information
    • Form of student assessment
    • If the course has a lab, lab information and outline
    • If the syllabus contains chapter and/or section numbers from a textbook, but does not give the titles, provide a table of contents for the textbook used in addition to the topical outline

The course syllabus must be submitted as a single document in PDF format.

The process above should only be used for courses which have been completed, transferred, and do not have an articulation on record.

Depending on the time of year, reviews may take up to 6-8 weeks to complete. Occasionally reviews may take longer. Students should plan accordingly and submit review requests in a timely manner.

Students with questions about articulated course equivalencies, non-transferable coursework (noted in the degree audit as NOTR), or enrolling in a course which has not been reviewed for transfer credit should contact Transfer Programs at

What does it mean if my course articulates as MATH 2--, PHYS 2--, CHEM 1--, etc.? These articulations indicate that a course does transfer for credit but is not a direct equivalent to a course offered at UIUC.  These courses may not be used to satisfy foundational mathematics and science requirements for majors in Grainger Engineering. For example, PHYS 2-- does not satisfy PHYS 211, 212, 213, or 214 requirements.

My math course transferred as MATH 24-, what does this mean? A math course with an articulation of MATH 24- requires completion of a vector calculus supplement, MATH 292, in order to satisfy MATH 241, Calculus III.

Does my transfer coursework satisfy the Composition I requirement? Transfer credit typically requires completion of a two-course sequence to fulfill the Composition I requirement. This credit may articulate directly to a course satisfying the requirement, such as RHET 105 or ESL 115, or show as UCI 1-- and/or UCII 1--. Courses articulated as UCI 1—and UCII 1—require completion of both courses in the sequence to fulfill the requirement.

I want to take a transfer course not listed in Transferology. Am I able to have the course reviewed for transfer credit before I enroll? There are multiple factors which determine whether a course can be submitted for a pre-review. Please contact Transfer Programs staff at about the specifics of your situation. Please note international coursework is not eligible for pre-review. Students electing to take international coursework assume all risk associated with the transfer of such coursework.

I completed a college course elsewhere; do I have to transfer the credit? “Upon admission and prior to degree conferral, students are responsible to disclose and provide complete, official transcripts from any post-secondary work completed outside the University of Illinois System, including all international and domestic coursework for the purpose of consideration of transfer articulation…”  Student Code