Grade Replacement

All undergraduate students can repeat courses and use the new grade to replace the grade they earned in the first attempt. The benefit to doing this is to recalculate the cumulative GPA, excluding the grade for the first attempt; however, the transcript will still show that all courses taken, and it will show the grade for each. For additional information, see the Registrar’s information on the Campus Grade Replacement Policy.

The following are the guidelines in which students can Grade Replace.

  • Students are restricted to 4 distinct courses, totaling no more than 10 credit hours during their undergraduate years at Illinois;
  • The first attempt at the course must be a C- or lower;
  • Students must not have had an officially reported academic integrity violation for the first attempt at the course;
  • Students must retake the course at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in order for it to count for grade replacement. Study abroad courses are not eligible for consideration;
  • Students can enroll in a GIS or NETMATH online section to replace an on-campus corresponding course grade;
  • Students must file their intent to use Grade Replacement according to the Campus Grade Replacement policy by the deadline.

Steps to Request a Grade Replacement

STEP 1. Students must register for the course they wish to grade replace.  

STEP 2. Students must verify the type and term of the course for which they want to request Grade Replacement.  This determines how the request should be made (either by paper form or online portal as follows):

Type of class for Grade Replace
Where/How to make Grade Replacement request
NetMath course, any online "term OCE 7" course that does not follow the usual academic term, or a POT B course to grade replace a POT A course from the same semester A scanned version of the grade replacement form be should be emailed to or visit to submit it in person BEFORE the deadline.
Any other standard course (in-person or online) Students must submit request electronically by the posted deadline: Access the online Grade Replacement portal.

STEP 3. Students must submit their grade replacement request by the deadline, the midpoint of the term. Check the dates and deadlines provided at the Registrar's website for grade replacement. Late requests to file for Grade Replacement will not be accepted by the College of Engineering.

Steps to Rescind a Grade Replacement

To submit a request to rescind grade replacement, students must meet with a College Advisor/Dean in The Grainger Academic Advising Center (4th floor Grainger Library, East Wing) by the campus deadline.  A form to complete is available at the front desk.  Also, if changes were made to the course used for grade replacement (either dropped, changed sections, etc), visit The Grainger Academic Advising Center (4th floor Grainger Library, East Wing) to adjust the request accordingly. Late requests to rescind Grade Replacement will not be accepted by the College of Engineering.

There might be many other questions you have about Grade Replacement; please read the Frequently Asked Questions document