Withdrawing from the university applies to students who wish to withdraw from a term for which they are currently enrolled.  Withdrawals typically occur for students experiencing significant personal or academic difficulties who are not able to complete the term.  

If students have registered for classes and later decide not to attend the University, they may cancel their registration before the first day of instruction.  Once students have attended a class or used campus services, they may not cancel their registration.  After the start of classes, students must officially withdraw from the University.

Students who cancel their registration prior to the first day of instruction will receive a full tuition and fees refund.  Up until midnight the night before classes begin, students can cancel their own registration.  Instructions for canceling registration are available through the Office of the Registrar and in the Student Code.

For SUMMER and WINTER only, students should use http://go.illinois.edu/RequestDropAllClasses

A student who leaves the University during any term must officially withdrawal from the University.  A student who is registered in only one course and later requests to drop that course, must withdraw from the University.  Failing grades will be assigned to any student who leaves the University without completing a withdrawal.  See Student Code for specific information on Withdrawals.

Withdrawal procedures:

  • For the summer term, students should use http://go.illinois.edu/RequestDropAllCLasses.
  • For fall or spring term, students should meet with a College academic advisor to discuss their situation and the process to withdraw.
  • Students requesting withdrawal after the drop deadline in a term will receive a hold on their account and required to take the next semester away.
  • The date the student notifies the college office of their intent to withdraw should be recorded as the official withdrawal date.
  • Incoming students (first semester or transfer student) who withdraw prior to the 11th day of classes will need to re-apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a new incoming student.

Students with no health-related issues may decide to withdraw for personal reasons at any time before Reading Day. It is not possible to request a personal withdrawal after the last day of instruction.

Once the student is ready to return, they should review the policies about Resuming studies after a personal withdrawal.

Students with physical or mental health related issues are encouraged to prioritize their health over academics and explore a medical withdrawal as soon as issues arise during the term.  The Medical Withdrawal Process is overseen by the Office of the Dean of Students.  

Resuming studies after a medical withdrawal: If a medical withdrawal is granted via ODOS, a medical clearance via ODOS will be necessary to ensure that all medical issues have been addressed while away and that the student is ready to resume studies. 

The Student Code has provisions for students who must withdrawal due to military or other national defense service.  Students should review the Student Code for specific information.   

Students who wish to stop out for a semester need to not be enrolled in courses for the term.  This is not a withdrawal unless students are enrolled in a current term.