Concurrent Enrollment

Students who are currently enrolled at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign may want to consider enrolling in courses offered during the same semester at University of Illinois Chicago, University of Illinois Springfield, or at Parkland College. Students should discuss their plans for concurrent enrollment as part of course planning with their department advisor, and verify that they have completed the necessary prerequisites prior to enrolling in courses.

Further, students should be certain, prior to registering, that they will be earning transferable credit for any course that they plan to take from another school. It is highly recommended that students use the Transferology website to verify a match between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign course, for which a student would want transfer credit, with a similar course being offered elsewhere.

Information from the Registrar regarding concurrent enrollment can be found at:

Deadlines for submitting the Application for Concurrent Registration:

  • May 15th for summer term
  • August 15th for fall term
  • December 15th for spring term

Concurrent Enrollment at UI Chicago or UI Springfield

Students must complete the Application for Concurrent Registration form, obtain the necessary signatures, and return the form to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Registration Services. The Registrar's office will submit the form to the appropriate College, where a College academic advisor will verify that the student wishing to enroll in the class in question will have availability to register. The advisor will sign the Application for Concurrent Registration and will take the form to the front desk staff in the The Grainger Academic Advising Center (4th Floor Grainger Library, East Wing) for the form to be scanned and returned to Registration Services.

Additional information regarding concurrent registration among the University of Illinois campuses may be obtained by contacting Registration Services by email at

Note:  Chicago and Springfield students may not use the Concurrent Registration program for CITL delivered online courses.

Concurrent Enrollment at Parkland College

Students who wish to take classes at Parkland College may do so under the concurrent enrollment agreement with the University of Illinois.
Students are required to submit their academic history from Student Self-Service as a PDF to Parkland College. Student must also complete the appropriate concurrent enrollment form: 

As soon as Parkland grades are posted for the semester, students must request an official transcript be sent to Illinois according to the Transfer Credit instructions. Students using financial aid may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and must complete the application available at: Student Financial Aid Concurrent Enrollment Agreement.