Incomplete Grades

Students may request an incomplete grade in a course if they were unable to complete the final examination or other requirements at the end of the course due to extraordinary circumstances (i.e., hospitalization, major illness, or other life circumstance occurring late in the semester).  

Incomplete grades are approved at the College office in consultation with instructors and are only approved in cases of extraordinary circumstances beyond a student's control.  Incompletes are not granted to students who had the opportunity to complete the work, but did not.

Instructors play an important role in the Incomplete (I) grade process for undergraduates, but they do not grant Incomplete (I) grades. Only the student’s college may authorize such extension of time in individual cases, per the Student CodeThe dean/advisor in the College of Engineering (COE) office approves Incomplete (I) grades that involve:

  • A reasonably small amount of outstanding coursework remaining (Instructor will document this on the form.)
  • Extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control (COE will collect these details, not the instructor.)
    Incomplete (I) grades are not granted to students who had the opportunity to complete the work, but did not.

For more details, see the Grainger Engineering Incomplete Policy.

Students should first discuss the situation with their course instructor to ensure the instructor is aware.  To request an incomplete, students must meet with a College Advisor/Dean in 206 Engineering Hall.  It is best to come with a plan and a schedule for completing the coursework.  If the College Advisor/Dean approves the incomplete, students will receive an "I" grade for the term.

An 'I' grade is not included in the GPA computation.  Coursework must be completed by the end of the first eight weeks of the following semester or the I grade will automatically change to an F.  Once coursework is completed, the instructor will submit a late grade change to the grade earned.  

It is the student's responsibility to arrange for completion of the course work to clear an 'I' grade.

The last day for a student to start the incomplete grade process is the last business day of finals for the semester.

An Incomplete grade in a prerequisite course for a course planned to take in the next semester MUST be resolved before taking the next course in the sequence. Exceptions may be made for cases where a passing final course grade is certain at the time of registration.