Liberal Education Course List

The information below is for current students enrolled in Academic Catalog years prior to 2022-2023. Students enrolled in Academic Catalog years 2022-2023 and beyond do not need to complete Liberal Education courses as part of their degree requirements.

The following courses can be used to satisfy The Grainger College of Engineering General Education requirement. Students who complete their campus General Education requirements for Humanities & the Arts, and Social & Behavioral Sciences with fewer than eighteen hours of course work may select the balance of their eighteen hours from this list.  Courses taken from this list that fulfill no other degree requirements may be taken on a Credit/No-Credit basis. Please note that there are courses on the list (especially if included within the phrase "All Courses") that are approved for campus General Education requirements for Humanities & the Arts or Social & Behavioral Sciences.  Actually, all courses with such approval can be used to fulfill the College of Engineering Liberal Education requirement in addition to those in the list.

"All courses" means all courses numbered 100 through 489, excluding any courses with numbers ending in 90-99. Courses that have the words "Special Topics," "Individual Study," "Independent Study," "Internship," "Thesis," or "Seminar" in their title are also excluded from the "all courses" designation.  Students may petition for these courses to be allowed, on a case-by-case basis.  Students may also; petition to count courses numbered 500 and greater.  Foreign language courses in non-language rubrics (e.g., AFST 231) require special approval.

Please note that some of the courses in this list may be closed for registration to The Grainger College of Engineering students, or have limited openings for engineering students. This is especially true within "all courses" designations. Students who take these courses, for instance while registered in another college, may count the courses toward their engineering degrees. Check the course listings in the current Class Schedule for registration restrictions.

Students may also petition to use courses that are not on this list.

For more information about the courses listed below, refer to the University of Illinois Course Catalog.

Rubric Program Approved Courses
AAS Asian American Studies  All 
ABE Agricultural and Biological Eng  ABE 152, 199 CHP
ACCY Accountancy  ACCY 200, 201, 202, 211, 212
ACE Agr & Consumer Economics  All except ACE 161, 261
ACES Agr, Consumer, & Env Sciences  All
ADV Advertising  All
AFRO African American Studies  All
AFST African Studies  All
AGED Agricultural Education  All
AHS Applied Health Sci Courses  AHS 365, 375
AIS American Indian Studies  All
ALEC Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication Program All
ANSC Animal Sciences  All except ANSC 400-level courses
ANTH Anthropology  All
ARCH Architecture  All except ARCH 232, 341, 342, 351, 352, 433, 434
ART Art  All
ARTD Art--Design  All
ARTE Art--Education  All
ARTF Art--Foundation  All
ARTH Art--History  All
ARTJ Japan House All
ARTS Art--Studio  All
ASRM Actuarial Science & Risk Management  ASRM 210
ASST Asian Studies  All
BADM Business Administration  All
BDI Business Data & Innovation All
BTW Business and Technical Writing  All
BUS Business  All
CHLH Community Health  All except CHLH 244, 274, 421
CHP Campus Honors Program  All
CI Curriculum and Instruction  All
CLCV Classical Civilization  All
CMN Communication  All
CPSC Crop Sciences  All except CPSC 241, 382, 400-level
CW Creative Writing  All
CWL Comparative & World Literature  All
DANC Dance  All
DTX Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking DTX 251, 455
EALC E. Asian Languages & Cultures  All
ECE Electrical and Computer Engr  ECE 316
ECON Economics  All except ECON 202, 203
EDUC Education  All
ENG Engineering  ENG 110, 111, 177, 261, 315, 377, 411, 440, 441, 451
ENGL English  All
ENSU Environmental Sustainability  All
ENVS Environmental Studies  All except ENVS 101, 480
EPOL Ed Policy, Org & Ldership  All
EPS Educational Policy Studies  All
EPSY Educational Psychology  All except EPSY 280
ERAM Education Research and Methods None
ESE Earth, Society, & Environment  ESE 106, 170, 200, 202, 215, 254, 287, 293, 311, 350, 360, 381, 410, 462, 466, 477
EURO European Union Studies  All
FAA Fine and Applied Arts  All
FIN Finance  All
FSHN Food Science & Human Nutrition  FSHN 120, 140, 220, 302, 322, 329, 344, 428
GCL Grand Challenge Learning  All
GEOG Geography  All except GEOG 100, 103, 210, 222, 280, 370, 371, 379, 380, 392, 401, 405, 406, 421, 459,  477, 478, 479, 482, 489
GEOL Geology  GEOL 201
GLBL Global Studies  All except GLBL 118, 200, 225, 296, 298, 492, 494, 495, 499
GSD Game Studies and Design All
GWS Gender and Women's Studies  All
HDES Human Dimensions of Env Sys  HDES 410
HDFS Human Dev and Family Studies  All
HIST History  All
HT Health Technology None
HORT Horticulture  All
HRD Human Resource Development  All
HUM Humanities Courses  All
IE Industrial Engineering  IE 340, 445
IHLT I-Health  All
INFO Informatics  All except INFO 102
IS Information Sciences  All except IS 457
JOUR Journalism  All
JS Jewish Studies  All
KIN Kinesiology  All
LA Landscape Architecture  All
LAST Latin American & Caribbean St  All
LAW Law  All
LEAD Organizational and Community Leadership All
LER Labor and Employment Relations  All
LING Linguistics  All
LLS Latina/Latino Studies  All
MACS Media and Cinema Studies  All
MDIA Media  All
MDVL Medieval Studies  All
MFST Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems All
MUS Music  All
MUSC Music Lessons and Ensembles All
MUSE Museum Studies  All
NEUR Neuroscience  All except NEUR 314, 419, 432, 461, 462, 481
NPRE Nuclear, Plasma, Radiolg Engr  NPRE 101, 480 ,481 ,483
NRES Natural Resources & Environ Sc  NRES 101, 103, 109, 202, 210, 220, 223, 242, 287, 310, 325, 423, 424, 425, 426, 428
NUTR Nutritional Sciences  NUTR 428
PHIL Philosophy  All
PLPA Plant Pathology  All
PS Political Science  All
PSYC Psychology  All except PSYC 235, 301, 432
REES Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies  All
REHB Rehabilitation Counseling  All
REL Religion  All
RHET Rhetoric and Composition  RHET 233
RMLG Romance Linguistics  All
RSOC Rural Sociology  All
RST Recreation, Sport, and Tourism  All
SAME S. Asian & Middle Eastern  All
SE Systems Engineering and Design  SE 361, 400
SHS Speech and Hearing Science  All
SLAV Slavic  All
SLCL Literatures Cultures Linguistics  All
SLS Second Language Studies  All
SOC Sociology  All
SOCW Social Work  All except SOCW 225
SPED Special Education  All
TE Technology Entrepreneurship  All except TE 345
THEA Theatre  All
TMGT Technology and Management  All
TRST Translation Studies  All
TSM Technical Systems Management  All 100 and 200-level TSM courses
UP Urban and Regional Planning  All except UP 116, 316, 417
WRIT Writing Studies All