Readmission/Resuming Studies

Undergraduate Grainger Engineering students wanting to resume their studies should review the deadlines and processes below.


  • Fall Semester Re-entry: July 15
  • Spring Semester Re-entry: November 15
  • Summer Semester Re-entry: April 15

**Petitions received after these deadlines will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee a review and decision prior to the start of classes in the desired term**

Resuming studies after a leave of absence, withdrawal, cancellation, or drop

Grainger College of Engineering students who fit one of the categories below, must complete the Grainger Re-entry petition:

  • taken a Leave of Absence for two semesters (spring and fall, not summers) or more, independent of their academic standing (automatic grant but advising will be mandatory);
  • taken a Leave of Absence ('took a break' or did a co-op without registering for ENG 310) for one semester (spring or fall) and are in good academic standing (not on drop status or probation);
  • withdrew while on probation and took a Leave of Absence for any number of semesters (automatic grant but advising will be mandatory);
  • withdrew after the eighth week of the semester; or
  • been dropped (this is the only petition that could be either granted or denied and reviewed by a special committee).

**Submission of the Grainger Re-entry Petition is necessary to lift academic hold on student account. **

Resuming studies from a Medical Withdrawal

Students who were approved for a medical withdrawal must following the steps below:

  1. Petition for resuming studies from a Medical Withdrawals through The Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS). See medical clearance to resume studies.
  2. ODOS will communicate a decision directly with the student and copy Grainger Engineering when the student is approved to return.
  3. Student should complete Grainger Engineering Resuming Studies from a Medical Withdrawal form.
  4. Grainger will provide instructions regarding registration for the following semester.
  • Complete Letter of Intent to Resume Studies (it is one single online form for all scenarios, but questions will vary depending on student situation)
  • Students will answer a few questions in the online form to return to studies at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Submission of this form is necessary to lift the academic hold on their record.