Catalog Year

The catalog year determines which version of degree requirements for which a student is responsible.

A student's catalog year is initially established as the academic year in which they started at the University of Illinois. The student’s catalog year is available in their Degree Audit. Degree requirements for the current catalog year are found in the Academic Catalog. Other catalog years are found in the Archived Academic Catalogs

With approval by the student’s department, students may change to a newer catalog year if the degree requirements change. Students may not move to an older catalog year than their first year of enrollment at the University of Illinois. For example, a student who started at the University of Illinois in Fall 2021 may not change to the 2019-2020 catalog year.

After securing approval from their departmental advising office, students may request to change catalog years by completing the Academic Catalog Year – Request to Change form.

** Catalog year cannot be updated/changed once a student is on the pending degree list.**