Time Conflict

Self-service prevents students from registering in courses with class times and days that overlap.  Students may be approved for enrollment in courses with conflicting times if BOTH instructors agree to how the student can participate in both courses appropriately.  Students may request a time conflict override from the Grainger College of Engineering Undergraduate Programs office.  Students should send the following in one email to engineering@illinois.edu :

  • Email with approval from each instructor where a time conflict exists.  IF the time conflict involves a course that is asynchronous and the student is seeking the time conflict override because they will view the recordings for the course at a later time, the email from the asynchronous course instructor should be confirmation that the course will be asynchronous and the instructor approves the student doing the course asynchronously.
  • The course names, subject and number, sections, and CRNs for each course involved in the time conflict.
  • Student's UIN, first name and last name.

Students will receive notice of approval via email.