Warning Status and College GPA

Students are placed on Warning Status when the College GPA is 2.25 or below because a large majority of students with a low CGPA end up on probation or are eventually dropped from the university for poor academic performance. Students on Warning Status are on good academic standing with a cumulative GPA above 2.0 (this is not a probation status).

If notified, students should take necessary corrective action, which typically includes repeating foundational classes right away and/or adjusting the upcoming academic schedule.  Moving on with courses without first addressing deficiencies in foundational coursework propagates lack of understanding in core concepts and usually leads to additional repeated coursework, more time on campus, and possible the need to change majors.

Advice and best practices for students on Warning Status

  • Take no more than 16 hours and no more than 10 technical hours this semester.
  • Take no more than the same number of technical classes as in the past semester.
    • Consider taking fewer technical classes.
  • In general, repeat any technical/engineering course for which you earned a C- or below. That includes Math, Phys, Chem, and core classes for  major.
  • Students who earned a D or below in calculus, should consider taking the prior level course right away.
  • Students should discuss with an academic advisor develop an appropriate plan.
  • Make sure to check prerequisites for all course and do not take courses concurrently with their prerequisites.

Students on Warning Status have a College Hold placed on their account until action is taken.

Students with CGPA below 2.25 but above 1.99 Students with CGPA below 2.0

Required to do a degree audit and check CGPA

Required to do a degree audit and check CGPA

Required to fill out a Planning Worksheet

Required to fill out a Planning Worksheet

College Hold removed after complete above steps. Strongly encouraged to see an engineering advisor in 206 EH by the 5th day of classes

College Hold removed after complete above steps AND see an engineering advisor in 206 EH by the 5th day of classes

Transfer students with CGPA below 2.25 are all required to see a UPO Advisor.

The College GPA (CGPA) includes the following courses:

  • AE 202
  • ABE 100, ABE 141, ABE 223, ABE 224, ABE 225, ABE 226
  • BIOE 201, BIOE 202, BIOE 205, BIOE 206, BIOE 220
  • CEE 201, CEE 202
  • CHEM 101, CHEM 102, CHEM 103, CHEM 104, CHEM 105,  CHEM 232
  • CS 101, CS 124, CS 125, CS 126, CS 128, CS 173, CS 222, CS 225, CS 233, CS 241
  • ECE 110, ECE 120, ECE 210, ECE 211, ECE 220, ECE 205, ECE 206
  • MATH 115, MATH 220, MATH 221, MATH 231, MATH 241, MATH 225, MATH 257, MATH 285, MATH 286, MATH 441, MATH 442, MATH 415
  • MCB 150
  • ME 170, ME 270, ME 200
  • MSE 182, MSE 201, MSE 206
  • NPRE 247
  • PHYS 100, PHYS 211, PHYS 212, PHYS 213, PHYS 214, PHYS 225
  • SE 101
  • TAM 195, TAM 210, TAM 211, TAM 212, TAM 251, TAM 252