Degree Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 128 credit hours to earn a degree in the Grainger College of Engineering.  The 128 hours are comprised of General Education requirements, major courses, as well as opportunities for electives and other courses of interest.  All students must complete ENG 100 (ENG 300 for Transfer students) and many majors offer introduction level courses as well.  Many students earn credit through AP, IB, A-Level exams, and through transfer credit.  Dual degrees require a minimum of 158 hours for graduation.  In addition to providing information on degree requirements, this section includes the Roadmap to Graduation which details the steps needed for graduation.  

Please note: once degree requirements have been met and 8 semesters have been completed students are required to graduate. Students who have met degree requirements and 8 semesters will be supported in exploration of graduate school, continued research efforts on campus, non-degree coursework, and career exploration.