Meet with Department Advisors

Students can find information on meeting with Department or Unit Academic Advisors as well as their contact information below by opening the appropriate drop-down.

Students can email Laura Gerhold for an appointment (virtual via Zoom or in-person).

Students can email or go online to schedule an appointment with Anne Marie Boone or Luis Rodriguez.

Students can email or call 217-300-8066 to schedule an appointment.

Students can:

  • Email for prospective student information and visits, general advising, and inquiries about the undergraduate program.
  • Sign up online for a virtual or in-person appointment with Becky Stillwell, Sr. Academic Advisor.
  • Email Greg Coughlin for CEE course overrides, course scheduling, and room reservations.

  • Current CS students should contact their assigned CS advisor.
  • Non CS students should email Undergraduate CS advising or call 217-333-4428 and select 1 for undergraduate advising.
  • Express advising information is found on the CS Undergraduate WIKI.

Students can:

  • Join an Advising Office Hour. Please email ECE advising if you need the group access code.
  • Email ECE Advising to set up an appointment.
  • Stop by 2120 ECEB Monday - Friday, 8 am - 12 pm, 1 - 5 pm CDT for a walk-in meeting.

Students can:

  • Visit ISE Advising WIKI for ways to schedule an appointment or attend Zoom drop-in hours.
  • If there are no appointments or Zoom drop-in hours available, please email with days/times you are available for an appointment.

Students can:

  • Call 217-333-1441 during business hours to make an in-person or virtual appointment;
  • Email outside of business hours to make an in-person or virtual appointment;
  • Email Laura Nagel for advising questions.

Students can:

  • Email the MechSE Undergraduate Programs Office for academic advising and prospective student information;
  • Contact Stephanie Ott-Monsivais for secondary fields, curriculum modifications/petitions, and study abroad questions by:
  • Contact Missy Biehl for general advising, scholarships, honors and awards, MechSE events, and student societies by email or calling 217-300-0278 to schedule a Zoom or phone meeting
  • Contact Professor Amy Wagoner Johnson for pre-med track advising by email or calling 217-265-5581;
  • Contact Tammy Smith for course overrides, waitlists, course scheduling, and advisor pairing by email or calling 217-333-5981.
  • Contact Robbie Vermillion for course overrides, waitlists, independent study, curriculum modifications, and petitions by email or calling 217-300-1764.

Students can email or call 217-333-3598 to schedule an in-person or Zoom academic advising appointment with Becky Meline

Students can email Merissa Milton for advising questions and to schedule an in-person or zoom appointment.

Students can sign up for an appointment with Jessi Kim or Dr. Corey Flack by Scheduling an Appointment  or calling 217-333-4710. 

Students can: